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Sixth generation of computers (1990 -till date)

Of all those changes that have taken place in the field of computer technology, some changes are abrupt whereas others are defined. In the current period, this transition from one period to another is clear only in retrospect because most of them are gradual advancements of an already established system. This present generation of computer technology is highly related with parallel computing and several growth areas has been noticed in this area, in both hardware part and in the better understanding of how to develop algorithms to make full use of massive parallel architectures.

Though vector system is equally in use, it is often speculated that the future would be dominated by parallel systems. However, there are several devices where there are combinations of parallel-vector architectures. Fujitsu Corporation is planning to build a system with more than 200 vector processors. Another goal of this sixth generation is to attain Teraflops i.e. ten arithmetic operations per second and that can be done by building up a system with more than thousand processors. Currently, the processors are constructed with a combination of RISC, pipelining and parallel processing.

Networking technology is spreading rapidly and one of the most conspicuous growths of the sixth generation computer technology is the huge growth of WAN. For regional network, T1 is the standard and the national "backbone" uses T3 to interconnect the regional networks. Finally, the rapid advancement and high level of awareness regarding computer technology is greatly indebted to the two legislations. Just like the Lax report of 1982, the High Performance Computing Act of 1991, Information Infrastructure, and technology Act of 1992 have strengthened and ensured the scope of high performance computing. The former has ensured the establishment of high performance computing and communications programming (HPCCP) and the later has reinforced the necessity of making leading edge technologies available to academicians right from kindergarten up to graduation level.

CDC 6600 console
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